Alcohol and Pregnancy

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To have or have not?

The debate on whether or not a small amount of alcohol such as the occasional glass of wine has on foetal development are heavily debated these days. You might find that talking to two different doctors will result with in different responses altogether. Some might say that it is too much of a risk, while for others it might not be considered as big of a problem. To get more information on the topic, you can consult with us, we have one of the most resourceful OBGYN west Des Moines has.

OBGYN West Des MoinesEven when discussing the issue with your friends who already had children you will find that they are divided. Some might confess that enjoyed the occasional beer or wine during their last pregnancy and point out that their baby is in perfectly healthy condition, while others might try to talk out of it, considering it an unnecessary risk. This might leave you confused and unsure what to do.


What is FASD?

Scientifically, there is ample research that proves the negative moderate to severe impacts of alcohol consumption on foetal development. Referred to as fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD), the impacts resulting from alcohol consumption range anywhere from speech development, to mental disabilities, deformed figure and many other problems.

OBGYN West Des Moines

However, there is no conclusive research on the negative impacts of small amounts of alcohol on a baby and no amount has been proven to be safe to consume. Furthermore, this situation can vary on a case by case basis. The amount of alcohol that would get to your baby depends on how quickly your body breaks down the alcohol, which varies from one woman to another. Even more importantly, the impacts might not become evident until your baby has reached toddlers’ years. Hence, it is very difficult to know the impacts and to link directly to alcohol consumption.

OBGYN West Des MoinesThere are many problems and uncertainties that any women would face during pregnancy. The risks are also moderate and anything could impact your health and that of your baby. Due to that and the uncertainty of the risks of small alcohol consumption, it is advised that you simply avoid it. There is no need to add an unnecessary risk and take a chance that you could completely avoid. You can always keep non-alcoholic beverages to use as substitutes during celebrations and social gatherings. Consult with us, one of the best OBGYN West Des Moines has.