Pregnancy and Obesity

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Obese women are perfectly capable of getting pregnant and having healthy children. However, it might not be as smooth sailing for you if you are obese as it might be otherwise. Our office has one of the best OB GYN in Des Moines Iowa and you can make sure to contact us if you have any information.

OB GYN in Des Moines IowaIt is important to keep in mind that obese women might have more difficulty trying to get pregnant than other women, so if you are not already pregnant you might find that the process is taking a long time. You might want to consider a monitored weight loss program prior to try to get pregnant, consult with a doctor for more information. If you are already pregnant, keep in mind that during pregnancy is not the right time to lose weight. You must eat properly and preferably under the direction of the doctor monitoring your pregnancy.

While you should not be trying to lose weight, regulating your eating habits is very important, partially because you do not want to add more weight than you need to, but also to avoid running into health issues that might impact you or your baby such as diabetes or cardiovascular issues. There are many dietitians who specialize in this domain that you could consult with to learn more about healthy food while at the same time ensuring that you get the amount of calories and nutrients needed for you and your baby. Keep in mind that generally, a pregnant woman requires 300 extra calories daily only.

OB GYN in Des Moines Iowa

In order to maintain a healthy pregnancy, you can also sign up for an exercise program. Make sure to check with your doctor prior to exercising, however, a daily walk or a swim could benefit you.

You should remember that with obesity, comes increases risks during the pregnancy. Those vary on a case by case basis , so it is important that you check with your doctor but here are some of the issues you might be facing:

  • The baby might face a birth defect
  • They baby is too large
  • Increased chance of a C-section
  • Increased chance of health conditions such as gestational diabetes.

It is important to be informed in any case before and during pregnancy. Contact our office, one of the best OB GYN in Des Moines Iowa, to learn all you need to know about obesity and pregnancy.

OB GYN in Des Moines Iowa