Electronic Fetal Heart Monitoring

Electronic fetal heart monitoring is a test that is done at different stages of your pregnancy including during labor and delivery to monitor the health of your baby. Thanks to this test that measures the heart rate of the baby and the contractions of your uterus, doctors will be able to tell a great deal… read more »

Alcohol and Pregnancy

To have or have not? The debate on whether or not a small amount of alcohol such as the occasional glass of wine has on foetal development are heavily debated these days. You might find that talking to two different doctors will result with in different responses altogether. Some might say that it is too… read more »

Pregnancy and Obesity

Obese women are perfectly capable of getting pregnant and having healthy children. However, it might not be as smooth sailing for you if you are obese as it might be otherwise. Our office has one of the best OB GYN in Des Moines Iowa and you can make sure to contact us if you have… read more »

Exercise During Pregnancy

Exercising during pregnancy is important and could have many benefits on you and your baby. If you are regularly exercising before getting pregnant then it is very important for you to continue to do so. Of course, you should not be exercising at the same pace you were before, but some extra exercising would benefit… read more »

Cancer Prevention for Woman

As we learn more about cancer, we only seem to end up with more questions about it. Prevention and early detection are key in the battle against a wide variety of cancers and one of the best ways to stay healthy is to listen to your body. Many cancers, degenerative diseases, and other worrisome conditions… read more »

Incontinence: Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

Incontinence is the uncontrollable loss of urine experienced by which is both uncomfortable and embarrassing. As an alternative to seeing an urologist Des Moines ObGyn, Dr. Ross J. Valone is qualified to care for urinary incontinence in women with quick evaluation and treatments with proven long-range efficacy. There is not one fix-all solution for incontinence,… read more »