MonaLisa Touch™

website-monalisa-touch-machineMonaLisa Touch is a new treatment that uses laser energy to treat the symptoms you may be experiencing. MonaLisa Touch is a medical laser that delivers controlled energy to the vaginal tissue so cells make more collagen, thus, promoting a return to vaginal health. MonaLisa Touch™ can reduce dryness, discomfort, prolapse, laxity and urinary frequency by up to 90%.

MonaLisa Touch™ is similar to treatments used for facial rejuvenation and promotes the recovery of genital mucosa balance in a safe and painless way.

The laser’s effect stimulates the production of collagen, improves functionality of the treated area, and restores proper blood flow.

MonaLisa Touch™ is minimally invasive, natural and safe treatment option that naturally normalizes the physiology of the vaginal walls.

MonaLisa Touch™ is one of the most advanced vaginal photoregeneration techniques and effectively relieves the most troublesome symptoms associated with vaginal atrophy of menopause: poor vaginal lubrication, vulvar itching, dryness, heaviness, and even pain during intercourse can become a memory of the past.


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