Frequently Asked Questions


What is the MonaLisa Touch™ treatment?
MonaLisa Touch™ is a minimally invasive laser vaginal regeneration treatment that improves the state of the mucosa that lines the vaginal walls.

What does the MonaLisa Touch™ treatment consist of?
The MonaLisa Touch™ treatment is performed using a special CO2 fractional laser, specifically designed for this type of application. The procedure takes no more than an hour, is carried out in our office and, usually, does not require anesthesia.

What type of results can I expect?
Most patients report substantial improvement in their quality of life with a reduction in dryness, burning sensation and pain during intercourse. This process involves cells and tissues and requires a few weeks to be completed. Results are more noticeable one and a half month after the session.

What are the benefits of this treatment?
MonaLisa Touch™ restores the mucusoa that lines the vaginal walls which relieves symptoms of vaginal atrophy of menopause. This treatment can eliminate troublesome itching, irritation and pain, which become particularly acute during intercourse. The interaction with laser is, in fact, the ideal method to stimulate the collagen contained in the vaginal walls for the rehydration and functional tissue restoration. Its beneficial actions can greatly improve self-confidence and sexual pleasure.

Is anesthesia required?
No, usually anesthesia is not required. However, if a patient prefers, an anesthetic cream can be applied.

How is the recovery?
Most women report slight localized discomfort following the laser treatment and during the first few days after the session. Many have reported resuming their normal routine after one to three days. During the healing period, it may be recommended to avoid lifting weights or some activities, such as taking a hot bath, or physical exercise.

For which women is this MonaLisa Touch™ laser treatment most suitable?
MonaLisa Touch™ is the ideal treatment for those who are looking for a less invasive procedure to resolve their symptoms; compared to traditional surgical or pharmaceutical treatments.

For which women is the MonaLisa Touch™ laser treatment not suitable?
Most women of menopausal age can benefit from this treatment; however, your doctor must determine whether you are compatible.

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