ultrasonicsDr. Valone your Des Moines gynecologist uses a pelvic ultrasound to assess organs and structures located within the female pelvis.

A noninvasive procedure, the pelvic ultrasound allows Dr. Valone to visualize organs such as the uterus, vagina, cervix, ovaries and fallopian tubes.  A Doppler ultrasound may be used to monitor the blood flow in certain female pelvic organs.

Your Des Moines gynecologist will place a clear gel between the ultrasound transducer and your skin to facilitate smooth movement over the skin and to remove air between the skin and the transducer for the best sound conduction possible.

A pelvic ultrasound is typically administered to determine what is causing a pain in the pelvic area or vaginal bleeding.  It’s also used to identify pelvic inflammatory disease or diagnose a lump discovered during a pelvic exam.  In some cases an ultrasound is used to determine the location of a woman’s IUD.

For women who are considering getting pregnant, your Des Moines ObGyn will use the ultrasound to measure the cervical length if she is at risk for preterm labor.    If a woman is receiving treatment for infertility, the ultrasound can help determine the condition and size of her ovaries.  It’s also used to confirm a suspected pregnancy and the location of the fetus.

There are two methods of pelvic ultrasounds.  In one, a transducer is placed on the abdomen after the application of the conductive gel.  In the other method, a long, thin transducer is covered with the gel and a plastic sheath and is inserted into the vagina.

The type of ultrasound procedure performed at your gynecologist office in Des Moines depends on the reason for the ultrasound. Only one method may be used, or both methods may be needed to provide the information needed for diagnosis or treatment.

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